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The Yorkshire Fossil Hunter


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Cut ammonites just waiting to be sanded and polished!

Now you have the opertunity to polish your very own fossils with this bundle of cut ammonites. 

All found and cut by myself these items are 100% natural. Been 100% natural I can't guarantee each fossil will be a perfect specimen but you will certainly have a lot of fun sanding and polishing these up!!

All you need is some wet and dry sandpaper. Start with a low grit, ideally 80 to remove any saw blade marks and get the surface nice and flat. Then it's just a case of working through the grades all the way to as high as you want, i normally go up to 2000 but the more you go the higher the shine. If you have acess to a polishing wheel great, if not a polishing mop attachment on a drill will improve the shine too. Or just a good old fashioned piece of leather!

The most important thing to remember is keep the fossil wet at all times! It's a messy job and you definitely don't want to be created any dust!!

Some of the edges can be sharp so I tend to sand the edges first!!


Hours and hours of fun for all ages 😊😊😊